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Mental Aberration among children

In today’s stressful times, even children are not spared of its impact. How can children escape the ill effects when the parents and family is undergoing stress? It just gets to them, at least in parts. Moreover, some children are inherently sensitive, timid or a bit depressed otherwise also. Such sensitive children must be protected from any shock and allowed to bloom naturally. Much depends on the parents in this regards and yet a small neglect lets the disorder grow.
Fear and worry ( Anxiety Disorder) – Unreasonable worry about the past, present and future, fear, insecurity and continuous dwelling in stress. Such children fear staying alone, the dark and the ghosts. It is but natural that many children fear these things, but in such children, it is observed to be in excess. They tail their mother wherever she goes, remain restless, stammer and speak in spurts, drop things frequently, lack self-confidence and the like are some of the things that show up in such children. They fear even venturing out of home to go to school and cannot even complete their own tasks.
Not getting enough of parental attention, wrong concepts in mind, wrong information, unreasonable punishments, unwanted comparisons from parents and family members, caning are some of the reasons why such children always appear petrified. They tend to lose confidence. Counseling of the children, of the parents and Homoeopathic medicines works wonders for such children.
Depression – One may wonder what kind of depression would be experienced by such tiny children, but it is a growing phenomenon among kids today. Over eating, avoiding food leads to physical ailments, ferocious behavior, melancholy, lagging in studies, repeatedly doing a single task, getting irritated, cranky are all symptoms of some form of depression. Parental discord or depression or any other mental disorder affects the children too. One needs to check the mental health of extremely skinny or extremely obese children.
Divorce of parents, death of a parent, mental disorder in a parent, chronic disease, disability, admitting in a boarding school for education, severe mental shock can lead to depression among children. These symptoms also need counseling and Homeopathic medicines can help treat these children without any side-effects.
Phobia- When a child is extremely fearful of insects, school, certain persons, injections or such things, it is called phobia. When the child faces these things, he may even lose consciousness. School phobia is the toughest to handle. It can be dealt with counseling and constant support from teachers and treatment with Homoeopathic medicines. One needs to first find the reason behind the phobia and take expert help wherever necessary.
Hysteria-  In this disorder, no apparent problem is visible, the child just unknowingly behave in a weird fashion feigning pain to attract attention. They complain of headache, stomach ache and may even roll on the floor, fall unconscious, pretend to fall unconscious, which confuses even the doctors at times. A lot of time is wasted in ascertaining whether it is real or fake. However, it is all a staged drama. It puzzles everyone and they get all the tests and examinations done until they realize that only homeopathy can treat it because only Homeopathy can treat mental disorders without any side effects.
Infantile autism is the disorder that is apparent only when the child turns two or two and a half year old. Such children have little or no connect with the outside world. Meaningless blabber, repeatedly doing same tasks, fondling own body or simply sitting motionless are some of the symptoms. They love to play and may not even identify their parents. This disorder has no effective medicine to cure it, but it can be controlled through timely diagnosis and treatment.

Multiple sclerosis

It is one of the rare and rather extremely difficult to treat disorders of the brain. The reason why this disorder is being discussed here is that the symptoms of this disorder are simple, hard to detect while the nature of the disorder is such that does not easily respond to treatment.
This disorder is rare to find in Asian countries, however of late, many such cases are being detected in our country also. In this disorder, a part of the brain suddenly starts degenerating. It starts melting and what remains is a scar. It means that the part of the body that was controlled by that part of the brain is permanently damaged. It can spread to the entire brain, cortex and spine also. The exact cause of this disorder is yet to be identified. However, it is observed to spread genetically from one generation to the other. Today, many tests are available that can detect this disorder which has enabled many patients being diagnosed in time. Earlier, it was all about doubtful detections. Today, diagnosis is aided by CT-Scan and MRI which help in confirming the diagnosis.
Symptoms- Men and women in the age group of 15 to 50 can be afflicted with this disorder, where women have a higher percentage. Initially, the patient feels confused doing routine functions. He drops things, stumbles and feels lost. He cannot balance himself while walking and feels that his steps are not aligned. When moving his neck, especially when touching the chin to the chest, he experiences a strange current in his spine which spreads to the whole of the back. At first, casual medicines appear to bring relief, but later the severity of the pain and the frequency also increases. The vision gets affected. One is unable to identify colors. Vision gets blurred, pupil moves incoherently. Sense of touch in the limbs reduces. He experiences a feeling of walking over sand or sponge. Touch feels different every time and slight touches cannot be identified. The patient becomes extremely sensitive, at times, he is over emotional, at others he is confused. Facial muscles get paralyzed and hence his face appears deformed. Facial nerves pain and feels like a shock. Later, nerves in the limbs give up. Brain loses control over limbs and he appears to drag his feet while walking. It also impacts the bladder and initially where he feels the need to urinate frequently, in later stages, he is unable to fully empty his bladder. He needs a catheter to empty his urine. In later stages, his memory gives way and intellect suffers. If the disorder is detected in time, the patient can live even for 20-25 years, if not, then survival could be barely 4 to 5 years.
Treatment-  The main reason to discuss this disorder is that after reading this, many readers would feel that they have also experienced some of these symptoms- they are that simple and easy to detect. Hence it is important that diagnosis happens in time. When a person is aware of the symptoms, he is rarely negligent and can reach out for medical help. Currently, treatment is possible only based on symptoms. Homeopathy can avoid side effects and better the life of a patient. One can also avail of physiotherapy. Homeopathic medicines can be complimented with biochemic medicines and flower therapy. 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This is a mental disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with discipline or perfection not only by him but expects the same from others as well. If certain things don’t happen, then he gets disturbed and remains obsessed with those thoughts. He keeps repeating a particular task or act again and again and remains worried while doing it. It requires the combined efforts of a counselor, a psychologist and a homeopath to cure a person of this disorder.
Here was a professor who taught at a PG course. She was fond of discipline since her childhood, always striving for perfection. At first, her parents and family was proud of her behavior but later they feared it when it became an obsession with her. They feared something could go wrong if they didn’t do a certain task perfectly to her satisfaction. She arranged her books neatly after class, her mobile had to be kept in a straight line, she kept capping her pen again and again and repeatedly kept  tucking her saree pallu . She frequently looked at the mirror. She was obsessed with omens and insisted things to happen a particular way. Her family was distraught. She became the laughing stock of her colleagues and friends who then started to avoid her. So much so that her husband and children were also fed up.
Her insistence for perfection had transformed into an obsession. The feeling of insecurity was the root cause of this behavior. A person obsessed with something tries to do it in a particular way come what may, and gets disturbed if he can’t do it that way.  He sets unreasonably high benchmarks of perfection and struggles to achieve them. Some people are so obsessed with cleanliness that they repeatedly keep cleaning objects handled by others, even washing unused clothes, washing hands, etc.  The feeling of guilt and insecurity manifests itself in such a manner.
Excessive worry
Unreasonable perspective towards problems
Continuous restlessness
Muscle pain, headache
Lack of concentration
Bowel incontinence
Loss of taste and appetite
Treatment- At times, one has to resort to treatment through modern medicine from a clinical psychologist. Treatment becomes beneficial when the patient agrees to pay heed to the psychologist. For complete cure, modern medicine has to be combined with homeopathy and flower therapy, change in lifestyle, mindset. Homeopathy can fully cure this disorder.


Just like adults, even kids experience tension. A child, boy or girl, is admitted to play group once it is above two years of age. It is a drastic change in their life. A child over a year learns to convey when he wants to relieve himself. In case of a few children, even if they can control their bladder in the day, it is not possible at night. In rare cases, this phenomenon continues right into adolescence which is when one repents for not having treated in time. The urinary system is under the control of the autonomic nervous system. In infants, when the bladder is full, it gets the signal to empty it and this is done automatically. However, from the age of five, it becomes possible to control the functions of the bladder with the help of voluntary   muscles. There are two types in bedwetting, one where the child is unable to control his bladder and the second where he loses control even after learning it for a few years. Some kids also unknowingly urinate even during the day.
1. Natural: Stunted physical and mental growth, lack of guidance from parents, over consumption of water, size of bladder being small or heredity.
2. Disease-borne: Being born with diabetes, diabetes insipidus, urinary tract disorder, urinary tract infection, lack of nervous control, underdeveloped or fused urethra, urinary opening being small, epilepsy, spinal deformity, etc.
Mental: Fear, insecurity, sibling differentiation by parents, lack of love and affection from parents, over indulgence, seeking attention, depression, despair, domestic fights, parental discord can all lead to bedwetting.
Uncontrolled urinating finds its roots on a mental state. Of late, such cases are frequent owing to the stressful lives one leads. How can one find the right balance of the suppression and neglect of a joint family and the loneliness of a nuclear family?
Treatment: Both parents and children need counseling before the course of treatment begins.
Training: The child needs to be reminded to urinate before going to bed. He may be awakened at night at a fixed time and taken to urinate. Teach him to control urination for longer time in the day. This helps in strengthening of the urinary bladder. This training must be imparted by the parents to the child.
Treating diseases: One must identify the base cause of such disorder and treat the disease first. Ex: if the urinary opening is small, it needs to be enlarged with a surgery.
Psychiatric treatment: One can find special diapers for such children abroad. The child wears this diaper which vibrates even with a single drop of urine falling on it. This awakens the child and trains him to be awake when he urinates and gain control over this function. Counseling, hypnosis and training also helps a great deal.
Homeopathy: It enables complete cure of this disorder. Many children have benefited from homeopathic medicines, even adolescents who face huge embarrassment due to this. Parents shy from getting treatment which is wrong since it demoralizes the child. Sepia, costicum, acid benz, creosote, equisetum psorinum, lac can, licopodium and such excellent medicines can be used. Amongst biochemic medicines, one can use Calceria Fos 6x, califos 6x, Natrum Fos 6x which are very beneficial.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ( ADHD)

Rohit was a eleven year old, active but happy and playful child. Suddenly, he started facing problems in concentrating in class or completing the work at hand. In spite of being naughty and active he would complete his studies and tasks and hand, but now he was even facing difficulty in completing his home work. He would not jot down the writing on the black board, routinely forget things in school or stare in infinity. He’d make silly mistakes in math and spellings. He portrayed neutral expression on his face whenever his teachers or parents told him something. No wonder then that the grades sank from A to C.
The one great thing that Amir Khan has done is to make a film like ‘Tare Zameen Par’ which was an eye-opener for many parents. This has brought about some awareness among parents. Rohit’s  parents brought him for homeopathic treatment and with counseling and treatment, he was cured within 7 to 8 months.
There is considerable difference between simple Hyperkinesia and ADHD. Around 3 to 5% of school going children are afflicted with it. When such children are not treated in time, they may be labeled as laggards or dumb and result in being gradually isolated from mainstream. This is a neurological behavioral disorder which becomes evident from age 8 and above. Attention Deficit implies threefold problems- lack of concentration, restless behavior and impassivity. Children learn to concentrate and work between the age of 3 to 5. In some cases, they learn it at first but then it all goes for a toss. These children become dim-witted, are unable to understand with repeated instructions, keep their things at various places or just forget them. Frequent dangling of hands and legs, shrugging shoulders, impulsively moving from one place to the other, moving about in class are some of the things that they do. They feel that things are happening all at once and too fast and are unable to comprehend what’s happening. This frightens and confuses them. They are unable to assess what the other person is thinking and hence keep making mistakes. They even get hit at times and get to hear an earful.
Reasons: This disorder is a result of the defect in the cerebrospinal fluid. It is commonly seen in epileptic children and is also hereditary. It can also result due to domestic friction and continuous stress. Parental discord, continuous fights, familial differences all create a tumultuous situation in a child’s life. A few smart kids, in order to seek the attention of their parents, pretend to do such things. Since the time the movie has brought about an awareness in our parents, our kids have smartened up too!
Treatment: Such children can perform exemplary well when given timely treatment and counseling. The current Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps who won 8 Gold medals, also faced ADHD. His school had long given up on him. It was his mother’s untiring efforts that has brought him to where he is today. Homeopathy has numerous medicines for such children. Parents and homeopathic doctors can consciously shape the lives of these children with concerted efforts. Flower therapy enables control over emotions. Children suffering from ADHD grow up to become great musicians, journalists, sports persons or actors. All it needs is the right guidance and counseling

Split Personality – Schizophrenia

Having a dual or unstable mind is the gift of times changing. No one can escape this. Man’s life starts with the dilemma of ‘to be or not to be’. Unreasonable expectations, over ambitious nature, stress, all contribute towards making a dual mind. This develops into a person’s nature, behavior, speech, thoughts being changed drastically. This is called schizophrenia or spilt personality.
What is split personality?
A person distances from society. He cannot take care of himself and becomes self centered.
He cannot understand his respect or disrespect.
His thoughts are not organized and often drift.
The person gets entrapped into his own cocoon. He suffers from Obsessive compulsive behavior, doing the same task again and again. Thoughts about sex and religion engulf his mind. Stray speech enhances.
He experiences hallucination. He feels others are talking ill about him or staring at him. His delusions include snakes and insects meandering around.
A person feels he is someone great and has the authority to kill others. He can even harm himself.
If such symptoms continue for more than six months, then diagnosis is confirmed.
Some major symptoms include :
  • There is no impact of anybody’s advice.
  • Mood swings are frequent as are emotional outburst.
  • Response to external stimuli like noise, light, tough is extremely high or low.
  • He cannot think rationally. General knowledge and common sense diminishes.
  • He loses his own identity. He feels he does not belong to his body and experiences that his soul has left his body and is afloat.
  • Not all patients who suffer from schizophrenia may have had shock or serious ailment. It can be an automatic impact
Extreme mental or physical stress, genetics, mental shock, brain ailment, addiction, overdose of medicines can trigger this disease.
Symptoms :
Split personality means a person believes that he is separate from his body. Changes manifest when he exhibits conflicting speech and behavior. Hence it is recognized as split personality or schizophrenia. Such people are unable to think logically. It is important to start treatment immediately. Later he experiences delusions about himself and the world. He becomes delirious and loses awareness of time or place. In extreme cases, he does not even behave like a human being. This situation is the worst not only for the patient but also for the relatives.
Homeopathy– Let us have a look at some homeopathic medicines
Cimicifuga – This is beneficial in post partum depression and split personality. The symptoms for which this is administered include the belief of worst, fear of occupying car or closed areas, bantering, self destructive thoughts, the illusion of bursting nerves or a black cloud hovering above, disturbed mind and self.
Beladona – Restlessness, impatience, illusions of ghosts and spirits, hysteric, not wanting any conversation, but continuous shouting, tempestuous behavior, attacking others are some of he symptoms. These people cannot tolerate noise or touch.
Ignesia: Conflicting complaints, extreme laughter or tears, sorrow or ecstasy. Complaints arising out of mental shock keep conflicting. Continuous sobbing. In cases of extreme insanity, medicines like stramenium and rosimus are useful. However, these medications should be administered only under the supervision of a homeopathic practitioner to avoid mixed reactions.


Some people are inherently jealous. They simmer with jealousy when some other person is better off than them. They seethe to see others happy and flourish. They keep picking faults in others all the time. Such traits are more common is people coming from joint families. Comparing, taunting, passing derogatory remarks is a way of life for them. They always envy those around them and as a result, they themselves can never be happy. They get angry very fast and at times lose their temper and throw temper tantrums. They are also extremely suspicious. They cannot trust anybody, being hounded with suspicion. Husband and wife doubt each other. They can never lead a fulfilling life, always haunted with the desire to avenge even old grudges. They wait for that one chance to take revenge and plan for it although many times the plan may never materialize. Such people are adept at picking up fights for no apparent reason.
One such man would come to meet me with due appointment. He would start shouting even before the patient before him has left. He would not be patient enough to wait for his turn. He expected to be let in the doctor’s cabin as soon as he arrived at the clinic. However much you try to streamline the system, one can never predict how much time the first patient will take and when the next will enter. Since homoeopathy requires probing for patient’s history, many times patients actually open up and speak. When this particular man came, even the receptionist would grumble. He complained that they deliberately make him wait, however his wife tried to smoothen things on her part. He is the typical example of our dialogue today! His wife often asked for some remedy to his dubious nature. It is possible through homoeopathy and flower therapy.
Sometimes even children exhibit such traits. They dislike their friends. They will play with their mates but cannot tolerate someone getting better at the play. When they face the arrival of a younger sibling, then they dislike that baby. It manifests in causing trouble to the younger one, hitting, pinching, etc. Even adolescents show these symptoms. They don’t like their family, even parents. Hatred, taunting becomes commonplace. One cannot make them see sense for they are unwilling to understand.
Such people face many physical ailments, common being stomach ailments like acidity, ulcers, colitis, headache, respiratory disorders, hypertension, breathlessness or short breath, migraine. Homoeopathy and flower therapy helps one overcome resentment and jealousy and look optimistically towards life.

Fear Complex

Fear or fright is considered one of the most primal of feelings in humans. It has  numerous manifestations. From children to the elderly, almost everybody experiences fear. Some scholars even suggest that the concept of God may find its origins in such fear. Theists, or those who believe in God usually fall ill less often for they place all their problems and burdens at the altar of God and remain calm. On the other hand, the modernists carry the burdens of self-importance on their shoulders. This article focuses on the fear that is experienced by children.
Fear Complex: Fear of one particular object or person creates a complex in children. The feeling of insecurity, loneliness, lack of emotional support, family discord, mental disorders, untimely death of parent/s or even lack of proper upbringing may result in specific complexes being formed in children.
Symptoms: Fear of the dark, fear of the ghost, of crossing the road, fear of unknown people, sex-related fear are some of the forms of fear.
Children tremble with fear, lose appetite, diarrhoea and vomiting, giddiness, losing speech, stammering, crying without any reason or plain craziness are some of the symptoms.
Shreya was a 10 year old girl who faced stage fright. However, she was good at elocution but went speechless on stage. She faced problems during competitions when she went on stage. Normally she would speak eloquently. Flower therapy and homoeopathy helped this girl overcome her stage fright.
14 year old Shubhankar aced in studies but there was some discord in his family. Perhaps this was why he was terrified of exams. He suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea when he had to go write an exam. This negated his efforts of a whole year. There was the tenth standard board exam just two years away. He benefited from a specific homoeopathic medicine which was coupled with counselling.
Sulekha reached menarche at the age of 12 and for reasons unknown, she took a fear towards men and boys. She even perspired at the sight of men or boys on road. She imagined that everyone out there was commenting on her and that she was insecure there. Forget going to school, she even started dreading to venture out of home. However, she behaved normally with her brother and father at home. Such riddles can be solved with homoeopathy alone. Her parents faced immense stress, but now she is normal, married and with a great job.
We may not realize the seriousness of these examples of fear, but the person suffering from it is in distress. It is important to not only counsel the patient but also his family members.
Treatment- It is crucial to provide a good upbringing to children in order to raise them into confident and fearless children. Toddlers are also threatened and fed. Instead of this, cajole them into eating by taking their own time. There ought to be some spiritual bend of mind since childhood. Parents must behave properly for kids learn through imitation. Proper upbringing, ethical behaviour, spirituality, studies, adequate play and exercise develops a child into a fine human being. It is not enough to just be good, one must also be street smart. For everything else, there is homoeopathy and flower therapy, but don’t forget to consult a trained doctor before that.

Ability to take decisions

Life is difficult for someone who is unable to take decisions. Frequent dilemmas of to do or not to do results in not one task being completed. This impacts their productivity. Such people are restless because nothing seems to appeal to them. At times they exhibit polar behaviour. Just because they were jovial today doesn’t mean the same will happen tomorrow. Their moods too keep fluctuating between extremes. Such people are unreliable and cannot complete a task in a given time. They would assign any excuse for this delay. To follow a time schedule or not is the root dilemma for them. They keep checking something that has already been done; for ex: the gas connection, door locks, etc.
This restless nature causes difficulty in concentrating and the mind keeps wandering. Homoeopathy and flower therapy helps get the mind to concentrate. This is especially helpful for mediocre children who are unable to concentrate. Some people cannot even tell what ails them. They confuse between whether it is the body that ails or the mind. Their ailments mirror their nature. At times they suffer from constipation and at others, it is diarrhoea, feeling cold or sometimes very hot, feeling hungry  or sometimes not eating anything at all. Flower therapy is beneficial specifically to adolescent children who are restless. Some children habitually change clothes are dangle their legs. This is a symptom of lack of concentration.
An able boy aged 28, let’s call him Santosh, who lacked the ability to take decisions since childhood. His mother always sided him and he somehow managed to complete his education. However, he could not manage a single job or profession properly. As he settled in his job, he’d get another offer and leave the first job. Some friend suggested a business and there he was pursuing it. This went on for almost 6 to 7 years. He hadn’t settled in life yet and hence his income was meagre. He didn’t have the capacity to discern between the trustworthy and others. His father felt helpless at this situation.
When I spoke to Santosh, he expressed his inability to take any decisions. He would trust everything that any person said or told him. Whenever he took a decision, he would be in a dilemma if that was a wrong one. This made him detest taking any decisions at all. It took a toll on his job and income. Today we are faced with many such examples. Such people must recognize their problems in time and start flower therapy. This would at least brighten their future.

Eating disorders

Indian Culinary tradition is unparalleled. Our love of eating, feeding and culinary indulgence is well known. However, the new generation is faced with a new disorder- that of consuming food! It may sound absurd, isn’t it, but ask any parent and 9 out of 10 parents will complain that their child does not eat properly and ask for some tonic. This is a growing phenomenon. Let’s see some types-
Refusal to eat – This disorder is prevalent in children between the age group of 10 months to 5/6 years. They resort to playing, looking elsewhere or excuses when it is time to eat. They totally refuse to eat anything nor are they willing to eat anything. Something that can be eaten in 10 to 15 minutes takes an hour. Over indulgence by parents, adamant parents, the child’s desire to seek attention, discord at home makes the child irritating which results in this disorder. Maintain fixed timings to feed the child so that there is a consistency in eating.
Food faddism:  Being too picky in eating, consuming junk food instead of a balanced one, laying emphasis on fried and savoury food like kurkure, farsan, sweets, chocolates, refusal to eat vegetables or rice is called food faddism. This disorder is more prevalent among school going children. Kids usually emulate others and learn, hence it is important that the adults in the house have meals in time and consume a balanced diet themselves. Maintain the time for having meals together and stick to it. Avoid eating at the living room as you watch the TV. What is required is a good habit, which can prevent complications in the future. Eating unwanted things like clay, small pebbles, flakes from the wall, pencils, etc. is called ‘Pica’ which is prevalent in children from the age of 8 months to around 4 years of age. A child being devoid of his mother’s affection, ignoring the child, certain  mental disorders and most of all, malnourished children keep eating such dirt.
It is important to find out the nutritional deficiency in malnourished kids and treat them accordingly. These kids are more susceptible to worm infestation. It’s important to include iron, calcium and zinc in the diet. The child must get appropriate care and affection from the mother or it will lead to a feeling of insecurity. Homoeopathy has medicines like Cina, Calceriacarb, Pulsatila,Silicia which can be used to treat such children who can grow perfectly healthy.
Anorexia Nervosa- This disorder is prevalent among adolescent girls. Since it is in vogue to be slim these days, girls try to lose weight with forced fasting and avoiding eating. However, this leads to weakness, under-eye dark circles, menstrual disorders, depression, etc. This disorder can also be caused due to sexual complexes about self or domestic or academic pressures. It is important to treat such disorders in time. It is possible to treat these girls with nutritious food, counselling and homoeopathic medicines.
Bulimia- Unrestricted eating disorder is called Bulimia and is also prevalent among adolescent boys and girls, especially boys. It exacerbates due to sexual complexes, worries, academic pressure, unreasonable expectations from parents and the resulting depression. When left untreated, it leads to extreme obesity.
It is the self-indulgent attitude of this generation that is responsible for these eating disorders. It is time we decide how to raise the future generations. Only responsible parents can shape the future of their children.

Intellectual capacity

Many parents complain that their child lags in studies and that he isn’t scoring good marks in exams, that he cannot concentrate on his studies and that he does not understand certain subjects well. Many times, children lack the intellectual capacity altogether or have a lesser Intelligence Quotient ( IQ). This may not reveal much, but it would be of help if one can counsel students and parents after understanding the child’s capacity and inclination for a specific career. There is a formula to find the IQ of children.
IQ = Mental Age     x 100
       Actual age
It enables us to find the IQ of any child.
Reasons for children lagging in studies: The child lacks intellectual capacity. Genetics plays a major role in this. Some children are hyperkinetic or over-active and hence lack concentration. In cases of dyslexia, the key mental functions like reading, writing and cognition do not work properly. Spelling mistakes, jumbled alphabets, mathematical errors, inability to memorize poems are some of the symptoms. Some children are unable to see or hear properly. At such times, it is important to consult a doctor ad get the necessary tests done. If children are epileptic or suffer from any such mental disorder, then there is stunted growth. Malnutrition, ailments, fatigue, depression, fear or mental ailments can also result in less intellectual capacity.
When the medium of instruction in school is beyond the comprehension of a child, then he will obviously face difficulty in understanding the subject. English is the universal medium of instruction today. However, if it is not the mother tongue, then there could be some problems. When parents don’t understand English well, they face difficulty in teaching the child. If the teaching in school is not good or laced with the fear of punishment, then it hampers the learning process of children. When teachers exhibit disinterest in teaching or simply ridicule the children, they lag behind in studies. When parents unreasonably compare their child with others, resort to hitting or is subject to ridicule by others, then it turns a recluse. At times, parents resort to unreasonable expectations from children, subjecting them to class after class of hobbies, tuitions, maths, extra class, etc.  which results in a total chaos in the child’s life.
Treatment- Counselling is the best method of treatment. When counselled after recognizing the capacity of the child and of the parents, it really works wonders. Children suffering from some ailments must be treated for the same with medicines. In cases such as dyslexia,  it is important to know the strengths of the child and drive him on that path. One can teach such children the basics of accounting combined with thorough training in some art or craft. Every person has his own strengths, it is essential to recognize it in time.


Parkinson’s disease is a nervous disorder. The hands tremble, the muscles contract and the person’s movements gradually slow down which are some symptoms of this disease. Our nervous system consists of an extra –pyramidal- system and any defect in the same causes this disease.
Symptoms and reasons- James Parkinson’s first described this disease in 1817. Involuntary trembling of limbs, decreased strength of the muscles, the body bending forward, the face appearing blank and without any emotions due to the facial muscles being stiffened, loss of a normal gait which turns into baby steps are some of the symptoms collectively known as the Parkinson’s disease. This tremor never manifests while sleeping or while at work but only when one is sitting calmly or is very tired or excited. The fingers, especially the thumb, tend to move as though you are working on a string of beads. The tremor is always felt, the jaw moves as it does while chewing and even the lips tremble. In advanced cases, one experiences trouble while speaking. Since the muscles stiffen, one experiences backache and muscular pain. However, one’s memory, intellect and sharpness remain unaffected.  Since the patient’s limbs keep trembling, he turns irritable and restless. Further, with the stiffening of the fingers, his handwriting turns minute and ineligible. In advance cases, he is unable to speak or write. The face appears blank and emotionless. There is no known reason for Parkinson’s yet. Our brain has a part called Basal Ganglia which has a group of black cells called substantia niagra. When these cells degenerate, the hormone that these cells secrete called Dopamine is in deficiency. This is when Parkinson’s sets in. Deficiency of Dopamine results in irregular functioning of the muscles.
Parkinson’s can be set in as a result of Meningitis or consumption of poisonous substances like Carbon Monoxide. In case of elderly patients, it can be a result of the contraction of arteries carrying blood. Stress can cause accumulation of toxic substances in the body which could also lead to Parkinson’s. When one faces deficiency of Vitamin E in the early years, then he is more susceptible to Parkinson’s in middle age. Research is in progress on these lines.
Treatment– The disease can be kept in control with artificial dosages of Dopamine, however one can still experience the tremor in the body. Certain surgeries can also prove beneficial, but any brain surgery is any time difficult and complicated. In a new research, it is being tested if the portion of middle brain from dead infants can be implanted into a patient’s brain and check the result.
Physiotherapy– It is beneficial to relax the stiffened muscles and to bring coherence to movements.
Biochemic– Salt therapy can treat deficiency of certain elements in the body. Silicia 12X, Calcaria Fleur 6x, ColiFloss 6X can prove beneficial.
Homeopathy- Homeopathic treatment, when administered from the early stages of the disease, proves effective. Aurum Met, Cyphilinum, Plumbum Met, Valeriana, Ferum Met, Arsemic Alb, Acid group of remedies and many such medicines can be used in varying potencies. Homeopathic medicines can be administered even while dopamine dose is on. However, expert advice is very essential in this case.


Medical practice entails new challenges and is replete with experiences. One experiences different facets of human psyche every day. If one would study every patient, it would be a case study in itself and if the profiles are published, it would be a big fat book. While studying Materia Medica in Homeopathy, one would encounter a particular symptom called ailments from excitement, sadness, emotional trauma, death of near and dear person, etc.  At that point in time, one wouldn’t pay much heed to these symptoms, but in the course of medical practice, a whole case is built on such symptoms which are not rare.
Here is Seema ( name changed) from Goa. She reached menarche at the age of 14 which continued to be regular. Suddenly, at the age of 18, she stopped getting her menses. She tried every medicine to no avail for 2 years to no avail. She would get it when she took hormone pills and otherwise just missed it. A Sonographic test revelaed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOD). She got herself Homeopathic treatment for 4 months during which there was some improvement but it was back to square one after that. It was then that she came across the article on PCOD in the supplement Khazana and rushed to Belgaum. Her medical history and reports were studied but there was no clue to be found anywhere. Her sister had accompanied her and when asked about her parents, Seema was quiet. Her sister replied that they had met with an accident on the day of her eighteenth birthday. Seema stayed with her two sisters in turn since she had no brother. This put the last piece in the puzzle together where the date of her onset of PCOD was coinciding with this tragic event. Her hormonal system had collapsed due to this stress and out of worry for her future. This is when the phrase ‘Ailments from ….’ Recurred to me. I also duly found the symptom ‘ menses stopping due to shock’ in the medico dictionary. Since I found the root cause of the ailment, diagnosis became easier. When Seema was administered the specific medicine in the specific dosage, her menses became regular without giving any hormones.
The second case was that of Pradeep who was around 45 years of age. He was denied promotion in his job and the same was granted to somebody else. He could not cope with this frustration and as a result, faced high BP, giddiness, palpitations, etc. Medicines to reduce tension, instill vigor, to reduce melancholy or even sleeping pills were of no use. His frustration was being manifest in his ailment. When a suitable medicine was given to him, it proved effective. He even regained his joy. Homeopathic medicines proved far more effective to Pradeep than anti-depressants and he regained his self-confidence.
Every physical disease has its roots in some mental problem. Homeopathy has studied such psycho-somatic disorders. Experts can thoroughly check for such disorders. Accurate diagnosis depends on a proper conversation with the patient which is a rarity today. This conversation when coupled with respect for the patient creates a unique bond between the doctor and the patient and enables him to express freely which in turn helps in accurate diagnosis and treatment. At times, the true cause of the ailment is hidden in such conversations.
People fall ill owing to extreme happiness, extreme sorrow, due to heart-break, when faced with insult, etc. It is only homeopathy which has studied such symptoms, causes and ailments and hence accurate treatment is possible. ‘Ailments from…’ refers to the cause of every disease. It is very important to find the cause and chalk out appropriate treatment.

What is Fear ? How to Over come it ?

Being sensitive is otherwise considered a virtue, but over-sensitiveness can be a mental disorder. Some people are born sensitive. Like Nandita, for example. A talkative girl, she was also emotional to the core. Nandita got married into a strict family whose members sported faces that looked like freshly ironed. Her mother-in-law abhorred unnecessary banter and few had seen her father-in-law ever smile. Nandita, who was raised in a joyful family, soon wilted in her new home. She turned quieter with continuous pressure and the fear and tension gave way to gastritis. Her stomach ached. She felt hungry but soon after having food, she’d vomit it all. An endoscopy diagnosed her gastritis.
When asked specific questions, she revealed the true cause of her ailment herself. Her constant fear and stress was causing an over secretion of acids in her stomach. She improved with medications. She realized that if one cannot change others, it is wise to bring about a change in ourselves.
Homeopathy underlines the importance of human nature and hence it becomes possible for a practitioner to read faces. Obviously, practice works better than mere bookish knowledge to master this art.
Fear- It could be of anything- of the dark, of people, heights, of teachers, studies, boss, animals, of death and much more.
Consequences of fear- The excess adrenaline in the body makes the person live under constant stress. The heartbeat increases and so does blood pressure. The acids in the stomach pile up and results in acidity. It adversely affects the heart and brain.
How to overcome fear
  1. Self instruction- Instructing oneself that I am not afraid, I will never fear anything, results in increased confidence
  2. Yoga and meditation – Pranayam, shavasan, self-hypnosis can be beneficial.
  3. Flower Therapy- Fear of the unknown or due to specific reasons, freezing with fear, losing consciousness can be treated with medicines like Aspen, Mimulus, Rockrose and Rescue
Homeopathy- Homeopathy has wonderful medicines to overcome fear. When such medication is administered with due study of the mental and physical symptoms arising out of fear and helps overcome fear of the dark, of insects and animals, of loneliness, school, interview, other people, exams, public speaking, stage fright and even of death.
Article by – Dr Sonali Sarnobat
* Consult the concerned doctor for your health issues.


An Urdu sher goes something like ‘Khud hi ko kar buland itna, ki har taqdeer se pehle Khuda bande se pooche ke bata teri raza kya hai’
 It is one of the most surreal feeling in a person’s life. When a person feels confident to reach the stars, nothing seems impossible. Examples galore where confidence has resulted in a rags to riches tales. Those are the spirited ones who achieve success without any support or a safety net to fall back on. However, lack of confidence causes a person to shudder at the thought of even simple tasks. One can find many such instances at home, in office, at school or the workplace. Many patients avail of flower therapy to increase confidence and proves beneficial.
Satish was  shy even as a child and never dared even speak. He disliked venturing out of home and even to speak to strangers. Whenever there were guests at home and he’d be called out to be introduced, he’d either escape from the back door or hide in the bathroom. He had no friends in school or college, leave alone having girl friends. He broke into sweat at the thought of speaking to girls. All this was as a result of the environment in his house. His mother had raised him in a very protective way. His father tried to boost his confidence but his mother always backed him by saying that he’s the only child and how could he manage on his own. This made him a recluse and shy person. He somehow bagged a job in a private firm. Here too, he earned the scorn of  his bosses owing to his shy nature. Not being a go-getter, he obviously barely earned. The real problem arose when it was time to find a match. When the prospective girl handed him a cup of tea, his hands would tremble. The girl herself rejected him. It was then that he realized that he needs medical help to gain his confidence. He benefited from flower therapy.
Confidence is required to take your own decisions, to develop a personality and when it is lost due to some reasons, flower therapy helps. Losing confidence to drive after an accident, as a result of continuous demoralizing at the workplace or at the hands of the in-laws, as a result of continuous taunts from relatives or owing to fear has remedy in flower therapy and homoeopathy. The two when combined, prove complementary to each other in treating a person. At times, unknown stress can also result in lack of confidence. Here was a person who worked as an assistant manager in a bank. When the manager was scheduled to be out of station for some training, the work charge can on him. He began suffering from diarrhoea that day itself. He could not even attend work that day. This kind of emotional diarrhoea happens out of stress. Flower therapy is a boon for such patients. Patients with low levels of confidence often suffer from anaemia, frequent bouts of cold, emotional diarrhoea ( Irritable bowel syndrome – IBS), back trouble or even insomnia.

Temper Tantrums

The story of Akbar and Birbal clearly depicts that no one can beat tantrums thrown by children, women or the king. The tantrums of the emperor tires everybody. Today’s single-child phenomenon has exacerbated this problem. However, there is a limit to such tantrums or it turns into a challenging situation for the parents. Five year old Swayam was a classic case of such tantrums. He wanted everything that he asked for to be presented to him immediately or he would resort to shouting, throwing things away, abusing, destructing objects, tearing clothes away, banging the head on the wall, biting others, etc.  Of late he had resorted a new way of holding his breath after crying continuously. Then everybody would be frightened and they’d carry him to hospital. His lips would be black and blue, clenched fists. At first it appeared to be an epileptic seizure, but on close scrutiny, it was found to be ‘Breath holding spasm’. Swayam regained posture after administering first aid, however the moment he remembered what he was crying for, he again started his old ways. There are many cases of such children who get their parents on the verge of desperation.
Reasons– Tiredness, hunger, dip in blood glucose levels after a long gap of food consumption or in cases of fatigue caused post recuperation. Children who get hurt in the eye, epilepsy or facing brain disorders also exhibit such symptoms.
Psychological reasons- Children who have been separated from their mothers, who face change in surrounding environment, over-indulgence or over-strictness, depression, mental disorders, in order to seek attention, children who dislike parents due to discord between them and such cases cause children to throw tantrums.
Treatment- In the initial stages of this problem when the children are generally adamant, it is advisable to ignore them, since indulging in their tantrums can exacerbate the situation. However, ensure that they don’t hurt themselves when they become aggressive. If one resorts to caring for such tantrums or showing anger, hitting or simply hitting the child, then he gets more aggressive.
Psychiatric treatment- 1. It needs timely intervention to bring about a change in the behaviour or the ill effects thereupon of the parents.
  1. It is pertinent to enable the child to express his suppressed feelings through counselling or toys.
  2. The nervous energy of such children must be channelized through sports or hobbies like drawing, singing, dramatics, etc. in a positive manner.
  3. The good behaviour of a child must be appreciated and rewarded, however when he behaves badly, just ignore him to show your dislike for that behaviour.
  4. One must be able to identify with the child. Only a mature parent can control the child’s tantrums and raise him into a good child.
When all of this does not work, then one can take help of psychological treatment or homoeopathy. In case of Swayam, when normal methods of control did not prove effective, he was given a specific homoeopathic medicine after thorough examination along with flower therapy. His case was in control in about three months. He is now eight years old and a prolific Tabla player. He has also excelled in studies.
Parents must recognize the problems in their child early on , for when this does not happen, it leads to repenting later in life.
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A person’s brain functions are completely dependent on the blood supply to the brain which supplies glucose to the brain. When this function is disrupted, the brain loses control over the body. Every organ of the body is controlled by the brain and when the brain loses its control, the body suffers. Today many are aware of the words like brain haemorrhage, thrombosis, embolism, etc. In short, it means rupture of some artery supplying blood or blockage caused due to clotting. This causes disruption in certain parts of the brain which in turn affects the organs that this area controls.
Reasons- Uncontrolled lifestyle and stress are the reasons attributed to paralysis. High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, consumption of alcohol, heredity, contraceptive pills, negligence during surgery, wounds, excessive cholesterol all exert pressure on the arteries. Smoking and drinking causes the arteries to suddenly expand or contract, which results in disruption in blood flow. Heredity is also considered a major risk factor. Excessive use of contraceptive pills causes clots in arteries. A small clot caused during surgery can move up to the brain and block a smaller artery. A similar clot when caused in the heart causes a heart attack.
Symptoms– The right or left side of the body being paralysed, loss of speech, dripping saliva, loss of sight, deformed face, loss of control over excretory and urinary functions are some of the symptoms generally observed in paralysis. At times, the patient is unable to swallow, make any movements, experiences stiffness in limbs, abnormal movements of the eyeball, double vision, loses sense of touch and exhibits many such symptoms. This ailment results in the patient becoming completely dependent upon others. Since his body and movements turn stiff, it is a nightmare even for the care-givers.
Treatment– It is important that the ailment is diagnosed in time. A CT-Scan, MRI, PET Scan can effectively detect that the paralysis has resulted due to a clot or due to blood haemorrhage. New-age medicines and treatment options can save the life of the patient. However, homoeopathy helps in recovering from the resulting loss and treatment.
Homoeopathy- Many times, it is seen that even the best of latest treatment options cannot treat paralysed organs, lost speech or restricted movements. At such times, homoeopathy offers some solace. Let’s see how-
Opium- Very effective in paralysis caused due to extreme fear or accident. The patient becomes very lethargic and lazy.
Gelsimium- It is beneficial in paralysis of eyes and throat.
Natrum Mur- Effective for the paralysis of the hands. Beneficial in paralysis caused by extreme grief or trauma.
Lacasis- Paralysis of the left side of the body, where the patient cannot even tolerate  touch  or of tight clothes. In such cases, one can effectively use medicines like senega, picric acid, nuxvomica, stramonium, plumbum met, etc. depending upon the symptoms and diagnosis. However, since these medicines are like double-edged swords, one must consult an expert before consuming them. Biochemic- Calcaria Phos,coli phos, mag phos and such medicines are useful in treating paralysis.
Physiotherapy– It helps in relaxing stiffened muscles, muscle fibres and joints.
Flower therapy– Flower therapy helps elevate a patient’s mind which is into depression following this ailment. These medicines can be administered along with homoeopathic medicines.
* Consult the concerned doctor for your health issues


Some people are extremely egoistic. Their minds are filled with ego and they consider themselves superior to any other person. The truth is that such people are, in fact, extremely intelligent, perhaps all-rounders too. As a result they find it difficult to mingle with people. The feeling that they are superior to and different from other people prevents them from forging any relations with others. These people cannot open up before anyone with the fear of appearing weak. They will silently suffer all by themselves. Insulting others, passing derogatory remarks gives them great joy. One may never see them praising anyone.
A mother was faced with a similar problem. Her daughter, who was very beautiful, had secured a first class in her Computer Engineering course. She was also blessed with a melodious sweet voice. Since she belonged to an affluent family, she had so far only experienced the highs of success. Intelligence, beauty, voice, wealth, the almighty had bestowed everything on her that one could only aspire for. She floated in an air of superiority.
When the parents searched for a match for her, she disliked every proposal that came her way. She was not someone who would bend in love, so that was ruled out. Her mother was anxious of the daughter’s future considering her egoistic nature. When coaxing and cajoling failed, she resorted to flower therapy. The daughter suffered from Neck Pain. Under this pretext, she was administered continuous flower therapy for almost 10 months which showed excellent results. She became grounded.
We see many such people around us. We just sneer at their nature and remain silent. But their family suffers. Such extreme cases can also be cured. Such traits are more often visible in adolescents. Flower therapy must be initiated in such cases before it flares into a big problem later in life. Such people may be found in high positions like Police Chief, District Collector, Politicians, Spiritual Leaders, Actors, etc.  Their position of responsibility or fame renders a kind of aloofness in them. They get detached from the common people and start living their lives in an altogether different sphere. They form a cocoon around them and few can come out of it later in life. People who retire from high positions find it difficult to lead a common man’s life. Flower therapy helps these people in leading a normal life.
People who are too egoistic suffer from skin problems, especially on the hands. Flower therapy experts attribute this to the contact with the world which happens either with the hands or the words! Skin problems on hands, mouth ulcers, insomnia, restlessness are some symptoms that they face. Since their nature is rigid, they face rigidity in the neck, hips, spine or the muscles of the joints. Flexibility reduces. They suffer from Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Women face marital problems because they lose interest in mixing with others. They turn frigid at times. Dr. Edward Bach, the proponent of Flower Therapy says ‘ These egoistic people have the reluctance to share the air with other people’. It means that there are queer people who are even reluctant to share the air with others! Such people cannot breathe easy, cannot live a relaxed life nor can they speak or laugh with a free mind.


Some people are impossible to gauge even by experts. They will never portray their true feelings on their face. Their feelings remain hidden even from their spouses. Such people appear jolly and jovial, but they never share their sorrows with anybody. They continue to suffer in isolation. They don’t share their feelings with others, or perhaps they’re unable to do so. This suffocation can lead to serious health implications. If some person has no sorrows in his life and has such a nature, then it may not be of any serious problem to him. However, if someone is leading a dreadfully dangerous life, then this suffocation can result in an outburst. If one cannot express his feelings, nor can he remain silent and still have a smiling façade, then how can he do it?
Saturation of the mind may cause mutation of the cells and results in hypertension, diabetes and major illnesses like cancer. Our society does not allow a free environment to women. She cannot freely express her thoughts, feelings and desires. She then suffers from depression, insomnia, irritation and such mental illnesses.
Tejaswini was a woman who was fed up of all the responsibilities that came with handling household chores and a job. She was already experiencing irritation, insomnia and fatigue and was now facing an added problem of Pre-menstrual syndrome ( PMS). She faced extreme irritation just before her menses, she’d shout at others, burst into tears without any reason, yelled at her husband and kids. Apart from this, she also faced bloating, pain in breasts, headache and vomiting. All these symptoms would be relieved once bleeding started, as though everything was just about normal. She tried all kinds of medicines to no avail. At last, she resorted to homeopathy. When it was coupled with Flower Therapy, there were miraculous results.
What went wrong with Tejaswini was that her job meant performing to perfection, at home she had to keep everyone satisfied, complete all the chores. How could she ignore her kids or her husband. Add to that the occasional guests, festivals, in-laws, etc. Where was the time to look at herself? She found time to tend to her body and mind only when she suffered from suffocation and its ill effects on her health. Every woman must work hard, take care of her household. People who abhor friction try to hide their feelings out of fear. But that person leads a very instable life behind the calm façade.
By the time they realize they’re wrong, it’s already too late. We tend to saturate a lot of negative feelings in our daily lives which then manifest themselves in some form of illness or an emotional outburst. Such kids appear to be very joyful, behave well with others. But once they’re home, they are altogether different. Friction at home deeply impacts their psyche. When elders fight, it hurts them and they turn speechless. They cry in solitude, appear wilted, don’t laugh and generally remain in their own cocoons. There are effective medications for such cases in homeopathy. Such people are more susceptible to addiction and hence must be rendered flower therapy for added advantage.

Guilty Conscious

A human being, while being blessed with intellect, is also cursed with complexes and fears. The feeling of guilt has various aspects. The dilemmas of right or wrong in behaviour, the fear of going wrong, of whether one has spoken or acted the correct way often bog the mind. Such complexes are so severe in some people that it becomes difficult to lead a normal life. They face difficulty in taking tough decisions or facing moral dilemmas. They are extremely sensitive and suffer from the feeling of being useless. People who have had traumatic childhood or one fraught with violence, frequently suffer from such complexes. Those who face rejection in the childhood or during youth also face this problem and are prone to addiction.
Psychology refers to this as guilt complex. Many people repeatedly ask themselves if they’ve done the right thing, if they have placed money in the pocket or if things are in place. They live under self-inflicted duress. They give undue importance to what others feel and hence have no opinion of their own. They even shudder about what people would think rather what they feel. Denying their feelings, they live a life ridden with guilt.
The key symptoms of guilt are repeatedly apologizing, appeasing or considering oneself inferior to others. They are prisoners in their own minds and don’t allow spring to bloom either in their own life or of that of their partner. This leads to being left behind in life. It is the thoughts that show prosperity and not the wealth of a person. It’s the approach to life that is important.
Parents must be the wind under the children’s wings and not thwart their wings with hitting and abusing them. There was this patient who never quite got along with her mother-in-law since her marriage. The mother-in-law fell ill in old age. This woman nursed her mother-in-law but with constant bickering and abusing. However, after her death, the woman was bogged with the guilt that she had not taken good case of her mother-in-law. She felt that had she served her better, she would have at least been blessed by the dying woman. She started hallucinating that someone is speaking, laughing around her hose. This affected her entire family. This woman benefited with homoeopathy, flower therapy and counselling.
It shows that one must realize responsibility before demanding rights. It befits an expert to understand the accurate cause and symptoms. People facing guilt also face physical ailments. Since they lack the zeal to live, they always appear wilted, they walk with a hunch, face fatigue, ulcers, colitis, IBS, etc. They grind their teeth in sleep as well as while awake. One can see them with habits like shaking the neck, snapping fingers, pulling the trousers up, raising the eyebrows, patting one’s own head, sniffing the nose, etc. Such patients benefit from homoeopathy and flower therapy.

How would you be joyous and enthusiastic?

Method: In today’s competitive world, everybody seems to be running after something, racing against time and work. Women work on par with men. And then one day, we start facing the problems- fatigue and depression which have become commonplace. Lost appetite, very little or no sleep, an anxious mind that doubts everything and lack of enthusiasm. How do we handle such situations?
Be optimistic: Think positively and optimistically about everything. Jot down your tasks for the day. Prioritize the things that you wish to achieve or do and work on them accordingly.
Diet: One must include a lot of carbohydrates in our diet. It not only helps maintain serotonin levels in blood, it also enables you to get a good night’s sleep. Include at least one citrus fruit
( Lemon, Orange, Sweet Lime, etc.). Try to replace regular tea with Green tea that is far more beneficial. Ensure that your diet has enough levels of iron in it.
Exercise: One must find time for at least half an hour of brisk walking, meditation, yoga, prayer which are the things that actually help one overcome depression
Music: Music plays a magical role in uplifting our minds. Soft music, fast music, melodious tunes fill the mind with joy. Certain colors like yellow, red, sky blue are considered soothing and help lift the mood. Incorporate these colors in your daily life.
Therapy:At times, deficiency of iron in the blood results in fatigue and depression. Thyroid disorders can cause dullness, feeling of exhaustion, irritation, etc. Hence it is important to get the appropriate tests done.
Nature therapy:Dip a band of cloth in rosewater and place it on your eyes and forehead. A balanced diet coupled with appropriate intake of water and walking in fresh air helps lead a healthy life.
Aromatherapy:20 drops of Rosewood oil, 5 drops of Orange oil, 50 ml of Geranium oil mixed with sesame oil or corn oil and massaged into the body results in quick mood upliftment. One can also mix these oils in bathwater for similar effect.
Homeopathy:Deficiency of blood or hemoglobin is the root cause of this ailment. Homeopathic medicines help in overcoming fatigue and depression.
 * Consult the concerned doctor for your health issues.