Thursday, 30 November 2017


Dr Sonali ShahSarnobat


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We tend to have become very active in today's age, for there more to do and less time in hand. Something still remains unfinished. Suddenly you feel low and your limbs ache badly. You dislike any task and feel irritated. In short, the body's nervous system is weary. The flexibility of the nervous system, balance of the muscles and the circulatory mechanism all fall off gear. A person gets fed up with eating, speaking or even mingling with other people. The increased pace of life, ambitions, expectations and standards of living have all undergone a sea change in the past two decades or so which have resulted in increased cases of Neurasthania.


Symptoms– This is an amalgamation of a host of symptoms. We commonly complain of tiredness and fatigue which is a part of neurasthenia. Limbs turn cold, one experiences insomnia. Thoughts keep cris-crossing the mind and this makes one fanatical. One loses appetite and digestion weakens. Bloated stomach, acidity, itchy skin are some symptoms. One loses interest in personal life. Women suffer from menstrual problems. Restlessness, fear, irritation, sensitiveness and such problems arise. Muscles loosen. If one forces oneself to work, he experiences depression.



Reasons– When one gets overburdened with mental and physical work, the person suffers from Neurasthania. It is money which rules our lives today, but a day will come when you feel disinterested in everything. Physiological Reasons include vitamin deficiency, consuming unhealthy junk food devoid of any nutrients, uneven meal timings which results in fatigue. Food loses nutrients when over boiled, over cooked, when artificial colors and flavors are added to them. The body does not get the necessary natural nutrients and minerals which is also a cause for fatigue. When one does not get a good night's sleep, the body does not get time to replenish itself and does not feel fresh. One tends to neglect the body for work, due to addiction or studies and in the bargain, it is faced with tiredness, wrinkled skin, loss of sheen, under-eye dark circles, losing weight or getting obese, all are symptoms of fatigue. Neurasthemia can result after a serious ailment also.



Treatment – When treating fatigue, not only medicines but a small change in daily lifestyle makes a huge difference. It is especially important for people in high positions, medical representatives or salesmen, working women, etc. to take good care of their health. One must chalk out a health-time table along with the daily one. A healthy diet, coupled with exercise and rest goes a long way in terms of benefit. The woman of the house needs to check whether every member of the house is getting his dietary requirements and a nutritious meal and make some changes if it is not so. It is important not to be rigid in thoughts and go along with the flow of the times changing.
It is very important to exercise at least for an hour every morning or evening, and so is flexibility in relations which helps lead a fulfilling life.


Homeopathy– At times, it is observed that in spite of consuming vitamin and calcium pills, the fatigue just stays. It is at such times that one realizes the importance of Homeopathy which is extremely beneficial in fatigue caused by exertion, mental stress, chronic illness, sexual intercourse, white discharge, feminine problems, problems of the bones and muscles, etc. for which homeopathic medicines prove extremely beneficial.