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Eating disorders

Indian Culinary tradition is unparalleled. Our love of eating, feeding and culinary indulgence is well known. However, the new generation is faced with a new disorder- that of consuming food! It may sound absurd, isn’t it, but ask any parent and 9 out of 10 parents will complain that their child does not eat properly and ask for some tonic. This is a growing phenomenon. Let’s see some types-
Refusal to eat – This disorder is prevalent in children between the age group of 10 months to 5/6 years. They resort to playing, looking elsewhere or excuses when it is time to eat. They totally refuse to eat anything nor are they willing to eat anything. Something that can be eaten in 10 to 15 minutes takes an hour. Over indulgence by parents, adamant parents, the child’s desire to seek attention, discord at home makes the child irritating which results in this disorder. Maintain fixed timings to feed the child so that there is a consistency in eating.
Food faddism:  Being too picky in eating, consuming junk food instead of a balanced one, laying emphasis on fried and savoury food like kurkure, farsan, sweets, chocolates, refusal to eat vegetables or rice is called food faddism. This disorder is more prevalent among school going children. Kids usually emulate others and learn, hence it is important that the adults in the house have meals in time and consume a balanced diet themselves. Maintain the time for having meals together and stick to it. Avoid eating at the living room as you watch the TV. What is required is a good habit, which can prevent complications in the future. Eating unwanted things like clay, small pebbles, flakes from the wall, pencils, etc. is called ‘Pica’ which is prevalent in children from the age of 8 months to around 4 years of age. A child being devoid of his mother’s affection, ignoring the child, certain  mental disorders and most of all, malnourished children keep eating such dirt.
It is important to find out the nutritional deficiency in malnourished kids and treat them accordingly. These kids are more susceptible to worm infestation. It’s important to include iron, calcium and zinc in the diet. The child must get appropriate care and affection from the mother or it will lead to a feeling of insecurity. Homoeopathy has medicines like Cina, Calceriacarb, Pulsatila,Silicia which can be used to treat such children who can grow perfectly healthy.
Anorexia Nervosa- This disorder is prevalent among adolescent girls. Since it is in vogue to be slim these days, girls try to lose weight with forced fasting and avoiding eating. However, this leads to weakness, under-eye dark circles, menstrual disorders, depression, etc. This disorder can also be caused due to sexual complexes about self or domestic or academic pressures. It is important to treat such disorders in time. It is possible to treat these girls with nutritious food, counselling and homoeopathic medicines.
Bulimia- Unrestricted eating disorder is called Bulimia and is also prevalent among adolescent boys and girls, especially boys. It exacerbates due to sexual complexes, worries, academic pressure, unreasonable expectations from parents and the resulting depression. When left untreated, it leads to extreme obesity.
It is the self-indulgent attitude of this generation that is responsible for these eating disorders. It is time we decide how to raise the future generations. Only responsible parents can shape the future of their children.
by-Dr Sonali Sarnobat
English Version credit: Mrs. Swati Jog


A person’s brain functions are completely dependent on the blood supply to the brain which supplies glucose to the brain. When this function is disrupted, the brain loses control over the body. Every organ of the body is controlled by the brain and when the brain loses its control, the body suffers. Today many are aware of the words like brain haemorrhage, thrombosis, embolism, etc. In short, it means rupture of some artery supplying blood or blockage caused due to clotting. This causes disruption in certain parts of the brain which in turn affects the organs that this area controls.
Reasons- Uncontrolled lifestyle and stress are the reasons attributed to paralysis. High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, consumption of alcohol, heredity, contraceptive pills, negligence during surgery, wounds, excessive cholesterol all exert pressure on the arteries. Smoking and drinking causes the arteries to suddenly expand or contract, which results in disruption in blood flow. Heredity is also considered a major risk factor. Excessive use of contraceptive pills causes clots in arteries. A small clot caused during surgery can move up to the brain and block a smaller artery. A similar clot when caused in the heart causes a heart attack.
Symptoms- The right or left side of the body being paralysed, loss of speech, dripping saliva, loss of sight, deformed face, loss of control over excretory and urinary functions are some of the symptoms generally observed in paralysis. At times, the patient is unable to swallow, make any movements, experiences stiffness in limbs, abnormal movements of the eyeball, double vision, loses sense of touch and exhibits many such symptoms. This ailment results in the patient becoming completely dependent upon others. Since his body and movements turn stiff, it is a nightmare even for the care-givers.
Treatment- It is important that the ailment is diagnosed in time. A CT-Scan, MRI, PET Scan can effectively detect that the paralysis has resulted due to a clot or due to blood haemorrhage. New-age medicines and treatment options can save the life of the patient. However, homoeopathy helps in recovering from the resulting loss and treatment.
Homoeopathy- Many times, it is seen that even the best of latest treatment options cannot treat paralysed organs, lost speech or restricted movements. At such times, homoeopathy offers some solace. Let’s see how-
Opium- Very effective in paralysis caused due to extreme fear or accident. The patient becomes very lethargic and lazy.
Gelsimium- It is beneficial in paralysis of eyes and throat.
Natrum Mur- Effective for the paralysis of the hands. Beneficial in paralysis caused by extreme grief or trauma.
Lacasis- Paralysis of the left side of the body, where the patient cannot even tolerate  touch  or of tight clothes. In such cases, one can effectively use medicines like senega, picric acid, nuxvomica, stramonium, plumbum met, etc. depending upon the symptoms and diagnosis. However, since these medicines are like double-edged swords, one must consult an expert before consuming them. Biochemic- Calcaria Phos,coli phos, mag phos and such medicines are useful in treating paralysis.
Physiotherapy- It helps in relaxing stiffened muscles, muscle fibres and joints.
Flower therapy- Flower therapy helps elevate a patient’s mind which is into depression following this ailment. These medicines can be administered along with homoeopathic medicines.
* Consult the concerned doctor for your health issues.
by – Dr Sonali Sarnobat
English Version Credit: Mrs. Swati Jog


Some people are inherently jealous. They simmer with jealousy when some other person is better off than them. They seethe to see others happy and flourish. They keep picking faults in others all the time. Such traits are more common is people coming from joint families. Comparing, taunting, passing derogatory remarks is a way of life for them. They always envy those around them and as a result, they themselves can never be happy. They get angry very fast and at times lose their temper and throw temper tantrums. They are also extremely suspicious. They cannot trust anybody, being hounded with suspicion. Husband and wife doubt each other. They can never lead a fulfilling life, always haunted with the desire to avenge even old grudges. They wait for that one chance to take revenge and plan for it although many times the plan may never materialize. Such people are adept at picking up fights for no apparent reason.
One such man would come to meet me with due appointment. He would start shouting even before the patient before him has left. He would not be patient enough to wait for his turn. He expected to be let in the doctor’s cabin as soon as he arrived at the clinic. However much you try to streamline the system, one can never predict how much time the first patient will take and when the next will enter. Since homoeopathy requires probing for patient’s history, many times patients actually open up and speak. When this particular man came, even the receptionist would grumble. He complained that they deliberately make him wait, however his wife tried to smoothen things on her part. He is the typical example of our dialogue today! His wife often asked for some remedy to his dubious nature. It is possible through homoeopathy and flower therapy.
Sometimes even children exhibit such traits. They dislike their friends. They will play with their mates but cannot tolerate someone getting better at the play. When they face the arrival of a younger sibling, then they dislike that baby. It manifests in causing trouble to the younger one, hitting, pinching, etc. Even adolescents show these symptoms. They don’t like their family, even parents. Hatred, taunting becomes commonplace. One cannot make them see sense for they are unwilling to understand.
Such people face many physical ailments, common being stomach ailments like acidity, ulcers, colitis, headache, respiratory disorders, hypertension, breathlessness or short breath, migraine. Homoeopathy and flower therapy helps one overcome resentment and jealousy and look optimistically towards life.

by-Dr Sonali Sarnobat
English Version credit: Mrs. Swati Jog


An Urdu sher goes something like ‘Khud hi ko kar buland itna, ki har taqdeer se pehle Khuda bande se pooche ke bata teri raza kya hai’
 It is one of the most surreal feeling in a person’s life. When a person feels confident to reach the stars, nothing seems impossible. Examples galore where confidence has resulted in a rags to riches tales. Those are the spirited ones who achieve success without any support or a safety net to fall back on. However, lack of confidence causes a person to shudder at the thought of even simple tasks. One can find many such instances at home, in office, at school or the workplace. Many patients avail of flower therapy to increase confidence and proves beneficial.
Satish was  shy even as a child and never dared even speak. He disliked venturing out of home and even to speak to strangers. Whenever there were guests at home and he’d be called out to be introduced, he’d either escape from the back door or hide in the bathroom. He had no friends in school or college, leave alone having girl friends. He broke into sweat at the thought of speaking to girls. All this was as a result of the environment in his house. His mother had raised him in a very protective way. His father tried to boost his confidence but his mother always backed him by saying that he’s the only child and how could he manage on his own. This made him a recluse and shy person. He somehow bagged a job in a private firm. Here too, he earned the scorn of  his bosses owing to his shy nature. Not being a go-getter, he obviously barely earned. The real problem arose when it was time to find a match. When the prospective girl handed him a cup of tea, his hands would tremble. The girl herself rejected him. It was then that he realized that he needs medical help to gain his confidence. He benefited from flower therapy.
Confidence is required to take your own decisions, to develop a personality and when it is lost due to some reasons, flower therapy helps. Losing confidence to drive after an accident, as a result of continuous demoralizing at the workplace or at the hands of the in-laws, as a result of continuous taunts from relatives or owing to fear has remedy in flower therapy and homoeopathy. The two when combined, prove complementary to each other in treating a person. At times, unknown stress can also result in lack of confidence. Here was a person who worked as an assistant manager in a bank. When the manager was scheduled to be out of station for some training, the work charge can on him. He began suffering from diarrhoea that day itself. He could not even attend work that day. This kind of emotional diarrhoea happens out of stress. Flower therapy is a boon for such patients. Patients with low levels of confidence often suffer from anaemia, frequent bouts of cold, emotional diarrhoea ( Irritable bowel syndrome – IBS), back trouble or even insomnia.
by-Dr Sonali Sarnobat
* Consult the concerned doctor for your health issues.
English Version Credit: Mrs. Swati Jog

What is Fear ? How to Over come it ?

Being sensitive is otherwise considered a virtue, but over-sensitiveness can be a mental disorder. Some people are born sensitive. Like Nandita, for example. A talkative girl, she was also emotional to the core. Nandita got married into a strict family whose members sported faces that looked like freshly ironed. Her mother-in-law abhorred unnecessary banter and few had seen her father-in-law ever smile. Nandita, who was raised in a joyful family, soon wilted in her new home. She turned quieter with continuous pressure and the fear and tension gave way to gastritis. Her stomach ached. She felt hungry but soon after having food, she’d vomit it all. An endoscopy diagnosed her gastritis.
When asked specific questions, she revealed the true cause of her ailment herself. Her constant fear and stress was causing an over secretion of acids in her stomach. She improved with medications. She realized that if one cannot change others, it is wise to bring about a change in ourselves.
Homeopathy underlines the importance of human nature and hence it becomes possible for a practitioner to read faces. Obviously, practice works better than mere bookish knowledge to master this art.
Fear- It could be of anything- of the dark, of people, heights, of teachers, studies, boss, animals, of death and much more.
Consequences of fear- The excess adrenaline in the body makes the person live under constant stress. The heartbeat increases and so does blood pressure. The acids in the stomach pile up and results in acidity. It adversely affects the heart and brain.
How to overcome fear-
  1. Self instruction- Instructing oneself that I am not afraid, I will never fear anything, results in increased confidence
  2. Yoga and meditation – Pranayam, shavasan, self-hypnosis can be beneficial.
  3. Flower Therapy- Fear of the unknown or due to specific reasons, freezing with fear, losing consciousness can be treated with medicines like Aspen, Mimulus, Rockrose and Rescue
Homeopathy- Homeopathy has wonderful medicines to overcome fear. When such medication is administered with due study of the mental and physical symptoms arising out of fear and helps overcome fear of the dark, of insects and animals, of loneliness, school, interview, other people, exams, public speaking, stage fright and even of death.
Article by – Dr Sonali Sarnobat
* Consult the concerned doctor for your health issues.
English Version Credit: Mrs. Swati Jog