Thursday, 22 March 2018

Nervous system
1.    Myasthania gravis
The role of the muscles and the nerves is complementary. A continuous cycle of signals from the muscles to the brain and back from the brain to the muscles which then act upon it, is carried out in our bodies. Myasthenia gravis is a serious ailment of the neuromuscular system. In this, the muscles slowly lose flexibility and turn limp. The voluntary muscles of the body can no longer be controlled by us.
Reasons-An autoimmune cell turns hostile to the chemicals at theneuromuscular junction. These ailments are called autoimmune disorders which means the immune cells of the body pit against the good cells and destroy them. The thymus gland is located at the joint in the center of the ribs. When this gland grows abnormally, it can result in the development of such auto immune cells which causes Myasthenia.
dr sonali sarnobat
Symptoms- This disease is prevalent in patients between the age of 15 to 50, in both men and women. However, it is observed more in women than men. At first, the severity of the symptoms is less. Muscular weakness is seen due to mental stress, over exertion, infectious diseases and during pregnancy. The main symptom is the extreme weakness in the muscles.  At first, one can experience some amount of vigor which gradually diminishes. After a day’s work, all muscles weaken completely. Early symptoms are visible in the eyelids and the wrinkles on the forehead. One cannot even open the eyelids nor can  the forehead be creased. Movement of the jaws, chewing food, swallowing, speaking, all becomes difficult and takes more time than what normally would. The muscles in the limbs fall limp. The shoulder muscles fail early. Even simple tasks like putting the clothes to hang or braiding the hair becomes cumbersome. Many times, even the respiratory muscles turn weak as the illness progresses. Since the muscles in the throat are weak, even reFlux cough can lead to choking and death. The limbs turn thin due to weakening of the muscles, cheeks look deflated. However, in spite of all this, the brain functions just normally.
Treatment -Among the allopathic medicines are pyridostigmine, propathlene or even steroids at times. When the illness turns severe, one may have to undergo plasma exchange wherein the antibodies are removed.

Homeopathy- Course of treatment  is decided after thorough analysis of the symptoms, severity, allied symptoms, etc. Causticum, plumbum met, Aurum met, siphilinum are some of the medicines which can be used for individual treatment. Most important is the early awareness in the patient and early diagnosis by the doctor. Only then can it be treated effectively.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Dear Parents,

Next few days is going to be crucial for children as well as you too.
Lot of mood swings, sadness, enthusiasm, relaxed behavior,  rudeness etc can be expected from the children.

Let's support our children. ..

How you can do that?🤔

Some simple tips which can be implemented from your end, to help your child cope up with the stress.

1..Please wake them up in the morning with a positive stroke, a touch/ hug  which a child expects from his parents.

2.. Start your child's day with a positive statement - I love you,come let's start this beautiful day together etc

3.. Take care about the communication you have with your child, before s/he leaves for his exams. I am sure you will excel, I am sure you will give your best, all luck to you, I will be waiting for you to come back sweetheart....etc

4.. Do not let your anxiety pass on to your child. Whatever the situation is, last moment positive support from your end will give a boost to your child's confidence

5..When the child comes back, please avoid asking only how was the exam, instead was the experience....
Let's unwind for the day, let's go out for sometime / let's have a cup of coffee together etc

Avoid talking about the subject.

Gone is can't alter that but atleast you can support the child for the coming one.

6.. Please ensure that a very happy and healthy atmosphere is given to the child in the house during his exams.

Avoid unnecessary arguments within the family, differences can be solved later; 
Don't forget- that will affect your child and that will add to his stress

7..Please play soft instrumental music while the child is having his breakfast or relaxing with you

8..Avoid giving marks target to the child.He is sensible enough to understand his targets

9..Keep fresh flowers in the house, that brings lots of positivity in the house

10..Avoid nagging for any reasons

11..With a positive stroke, make the child sleep..your two minutes will give him sound sleep for some hours, that will help the child to combat with the situation

12...Avoid advice pls, give the child his space 

13..Stand by your child even if the exam has not gone as per your or his expectations..It's ok...

14..Most important: 
From today, don't let the child meet the relatives or friends with negative statements or expectations. This might prove detrimental for the child.

Lots of love to your child and 
*Yes - you please be calm, be patient and all luck to you too , my dear parents*.

Friday, 2 March 2018

1.    Fear Complex
Fear or fright is considered one of the most primal of feelings in humans. It has  numerous manifestations. From children to the elderly, almost everybody experiences fear. Some scholars even suggest that the concept of God may find its origins in such fear. Atheists, or those who believe in God usually fall ill less often for they place all their problems and burdens at the altar of God and remain calm. On the other hand, the modernists carry the burdens of self-importance on their shoulders. This article focuses on the fear that is experienced by children.
Fear Complex: Fear of one particular object or person creates a complex in children. The feeling of insecurity, loneliness, lack of emotional support, family discord, mental disorders, untimely death of parent/s or even lack of proper upbringing may result in specific complexes being formed in children.
Symptoms: Fear of the dark, fear of the ghost, of crossing the road, fear of unknown people, sex-related fear are some of the forms of fear.
Children tremble with fear, lose appetite, diarrhea and vomiting, giddiness, losing speech, stammering, crying without any reason or plain craziness are some of the symptoms.
Shreya was a 10 year old girl who faced stage fright. However, she was good at elocution but went speechless on stage. She faced problems during competitions when she went on stage. Normally she would speak eloquently. Flower therapy and Homoeopathy helped this girl overcome her stage fright.
14 year old Shubhankar aced in studies but there was some discord in his family. Perhaps this was why he was terrified of exams. He suffered from vomiting and diarrhea when he had to go write an exam. This negated his efforts of a whole year. There was the tenth standard board exam just two years away. He benefited from a specific Homoeopathic medicine which was coupled with counseling.
Sulekha reached menarche at the age of 12 and for reasons unknown, she took a fear towards men and boys. She even perspired at the sight of men or boys on road. She imagined that everyone out there was commenting on her and that she was insecure there. Forget going to school, she even started dreading to venture out of home. However, she behaved normally with her brother and father at home. Such riddles can be solved with Homoeopathy alone. Her parents faced immense stress, but now she is normal, married and with a great job.
We may not realize the seriousness of these examples of fear, but the person suffering from it is in distress. It is important to not only counsel the patient but also his family members.
Treatment - It is crucial to provide a good upbringing to children in order to raise them into confident and fearless individuals. Toddlers are also threatened and fed. Instead of this, cajole them into eating by taking their own time. There ought to be some spiritual bend of mind since childhood. Parents must behave properly for kids learn through imitation. Proper upbringing, ethical behavior, spirituality, studies, adequate play and exercise develops a child into a fine human being. It is not enough to just be good, one must also be street smart. For everything else, there is Homoeopathy and flower therapy, but don’t forget to consult a trained doctor before that.