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1.    Disturbed sleep
It is an age when the world races ahead of the hands of the clock. We have lost peace of life by racing behind expectations, dreams and some more ambitions. Every person is striving towards earning as much money as he can and build as many facilities as he can. In all this, we are, somewhere, losing out the core of human life, viz. mental and physical wellness. Having a good night’s sleep and waking up to a fresh new day, with no tensions and no deadlines to follow nor answerable to anybody. Can we find such lucky people anymore? Even small kids are bereft of such a luck, while they keep pacing from six am to 10 pm behind school, tuition classes, and projects and seem to have the free spirited happiness of life.
In this fast paced life, loss of sleep or insomnia looks to be alarmingly common. Apart from complete loss of sleep, there are other sleep disorders like not having a deep slumber, frequent awakening due to dreams, falling asleep only to wake up a while later and then unable to sleep again, a mind that does not go quiet even when asleep or the brain continuing to function even while asleep.
Reasons and symptoms: mental stress is the key reason for loss of sleep. The mind faces stress due to worries, exertion or some kind of pressure. When a person keeps unexpressed feelings of anger and bitterness, he is unable to sleep. Constipation, indigestion, over eating at night and excessive amounts of tea, coffee, alcohol consumption or smoking, improper diet can also cause disturbed sleep. Many times, just the thought about whether I shall get a good night’s sleep is enough to lose sleep.
Such people find changes in the time and duration of sleep. Small children wake up from sleep feeling afraid, some wet the bed. The adults face problems like irritation, loss of memory, lack of concentration, feeling sleepy in the day, frequent mouth ulcers, loss of taste, etc. His behavior differs because of a disturbed sleep.
Treatment: A proper change in the lifestyle is the only cure for sleep disorders. God has definitely bestowed the ability to identify one’s own mistakes and the means to rectify them. If one is unable to find answers all by himself, the he must consult a professional.
When the body faces deficiency of Vitamin B1 or Thiamine, he is unable to get a good sleep or mental peace. One must consume whole grain flour, dry fruits, pulses, etc.
Homeopathy has cured several kinds of queer sleep disorders. Suchitra also faced a disturbed sleep problem. She had educated herself under difficult circumstances, gone on to help her husband in his business and had now attained some status in society. However, she could never get a good sleep. She suffered from body ache. Any kind of soft mattress would appear hard to her. She could somehow fall asleep late in the night as she folded herself into a small round. Her mind, however, keep blabbering all the while.
This brain working is a strange phenomenon. This results in the person in perennial stress. Suchitra’s case had a perfect medicine in Homeopathy and now she sleeps like a baby!
The mind is kept calm with meditation, spirituality, interacting with friends, entertainment and reading. It calms down and falls asleep. It is advisable to forget and forgive one’s own and others mistakes. One must forget all bitterness and strive for a long lasting peaceful mind.
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